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Discover how Serica Scar Formula improves the appearance of scars.

With its high levels of skin-friendly behenic acid, Pracaxi oil may be the Amazon rainforest’s best-kept secret. You can now reap its rewards with Serica, a new line of skin care products that deliver dramatic results – and feel as good as they work.

Unique ingredients

  • Serica is the first commercially available skin care line that features Pracaxi oil, a highly moisturizing ingredient derived from the seed of the Pentaclethra macroloba (Pracaxi) tree found in the Amazon rainforest

  • Serica’s patented semipermeable silicone polymer network provides skin barrier protection and reduces water loss while allowing oxygenation

Elegant formulation

  • Many of the products on the market today are sticky, greasy or tacky; take a long time to dry; and/or stain clothes and furniture – all of which may prevent the continued use that leads to satisfactory results for patients
  • Serica was developed to be quick-drying and nonstaining with a silky, nongreasy feel to encourage use and increase the chances for the ingredients to create positive results

Scar Formula Mode of Action

Silicone elastomer provides adhesion, long-lasting moisturization and protection.
Pracaxi oil’s unique fatty acid composition promotes a healing, soothing and nurturing environment.
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